Red Barn Advisors, LLC

What We Do

Our Process

New Clients:
I walk with new clients through a four-step process. Through this process, I learn how I can best help you confidently go after your better tomorrows.

Existing Clients:
Different clients need different things. We build our client service model to be flexible; meeting with you more around life’s transition points and less in the middle. Generally, I want to see you 1-4 times per year.


I use a multitude of planning tools designed to provide simple and straight forward information so you can make informed decisions about your money.

Money Management

I use a proprietary allocation formula, designed to own more stocks when I expect them to do well and less stocks when I expect them to do poorly.  The model is not built to do great in any one year, but rather with a goal to beat the benchmarks, net of fees over the long term.

Make us a partner for your future!