Welcome to Red Barn Advisors. We offer 21 years in the financial services field to advise farm families and those in agricultural communities and businesses. Red Barn Advisors builds our clients’ financial futures---without a focus on account minimums. 


Our motto is ”Reach for Better Tomorrows”.

We advise farmers and farm-related clients how to imagine their best tomorrows and summon the courage to go after it.

4. Help you stay on course and adjust as needed

1. Create and build a relationship

2. Understand your current situation and where you want to go

3. Together we build a map forward with mile markers

1. Create and build a relationship

2. Understand your current situation and where you want to go

3. Together we will build a map forward and set milestones


We can't wait to work with you!

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You're just started out on your own. You’re not sure how to plan for your financial future.

How will you pay student loans while saving for your future, how do you to use your company's retirement plan, or how much, if any, insurance do you need?  Maybe you're going back to your family farm and want a plan that includes the needs of everyone at home.

Red Barn Advisors will help you answer these questions and more.  After meeting with us, you can be confident you’re heading down the path towards financial independence.


You may have kids and a demanding career.  You need to juggle your finances, your savings plan for your children, your retirement fund, and possibly life and disability insurance costs.


We can simplify your life with tailored plans for your savings, insurance and income.


You may be an empty-nester.  You may have a second marriage and stepchildren. The next generation might be coming home to join the family operation. You look forward to the day you no longer need to earn a paycheck.

You may question if you are on pace to retire the way you imagined. What will happen to your land and assets? How can you make sure your decisions are fair to children who inherit your farm and to those who move to other industries?

We will help your sort out the inevitable thorny issues of your retirement and/or family business.


You made it! You are no longer working and have enough income from your investments or from your business.


You may wonder if you have done enough to keep up the travel and worry-free leisure time with family and friends.  You are concerned something could happen that limits your resources. Can you help your children or grandchildren financially when the time comes?

Our plans build options for whatever happens in your retirement.

You may like us if....

You prefer jeans and a button down

You enjoy the results of hard work

You see more than dollar signs when you look at your land

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